Scituate Ligthouse at Sunrise

Over the weekend, I teamed up with Chris Lazzery, Jason Liu, and Moe Chen for a sunrise shoot at Scituate Lighthouse in Massachusetts.

Although I’m no stranger to this location, this was my first visit at dawn.  As it turned out, the sunrise itself was pretty uneventful, and a cloud bank on the horizon didn’t help matters.  Still, I scouted the area until I found a nice set of rocks to use as my foreground, and the end result is the image you see above.

I also walked to the other side of the lighthouse looking away from the sun, and composed a horizontal image, shown below.

Despite the biting cold and dull sunrise, I had a fun time revisiting Scituate Lighthouse with Chris, Jason and Moe.  Let’s do it again, guys.


  1. The rocks in the foreground of the first image are awesome! Even though the clouds didn’t work out, the colors are pretty beautiful too! Well done Rich!

  2. Great compositions. Beautiful scene.

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