Blue Hour Harvard University

I took the day off on Monday with the intention to spend it leisurely.  Boredom, however, kicked in by midday, and I ultimately decided to head down to Cambridge, Massachusetts for some shooting during the twilight hour.

The destination of choice was Harvard University.  After taking a few sunset shots which turned out to be garbage, I walked across the John W. Weeks bridge and did some shooting from the Allston side of the Charles River.  The above image is facing east, looking toward the University.  Below is another shot from the other side of the bridge.

Here we have vertical shot of the same view of Cambridge.

I’m 99.999% certain this is my last blog post before Thanksgiving.  If I’m right, then I’ll go ahead and wish my American friends a safe and joyous holiday.


  1. Absolutely love those first two. A lot.

  2. Good stuff Rich! Happy Holidays!

  3. Brother man, I am continuously in awe of your talents. It’s shots like these that make me wanna keep on shootin’.

    BTW, these compositions rock.

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