Before we proceed with this blog entry, you’re encouraged to view Part 1 of my 2012 retrospective, which I posted before Christmas.  Shortly after I posted that blog, I concluded I was cheating my readers by sharing only 12 of my best photos in 2012.  Why not do another entry and share 12 more?  So here we are.  Let’s begin.


The above image is a shot of the beach from the Santa Monica pier, taken during a May visit to Los Angeles.  I’ve taken several fisheye shots at ease, but this was honestly the first one that resulted in a bit of vertigo.  I guess you can hardly blame me.  =)

Down below is another fisheye shot, this time it’s Lower Manhattan at dusk.


Another Big Apple shot that made the list is this image of Midtown Manhattan from Gantry Plaza State Park during an absolutely epic sunset.


Sometimes, the best images you take are just within walking distance from home.  The next two photos are of Boston’s Jamaica Pond at sunrise, taken on two different mornings.




Below is another shot of the Washington Metro, my favorite subject to shoot in Washington, DC.


Next up is the Brooklyn Bridge taken during a summer day trip to the Big Apple.  This one makes the list just for its rather unique view.


It’s a shot I can probably do blindfolded at this point, but I’m particularly fond of this blue hour long exposure of Boston, mainly for the light illuminating the skyline.  Taken during an evening of shooting with heavyweights Bob Lussier and Dave Wilson.


The next two shots were taken during photo outings with Chris Lazzery and Jason Liu.  Here are, respectively, Swampscott, MA at sunset and Scituate Lighthouse (also joined by Moe Chen) at sunrise.



Next up is Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport, Rhode Island.


We’ll close with this shot of downtown Boston at sunrise.




  1. Here’s to another great set of images!

  2. Another great collection. I love the NYC thunderstorm/sunset photo. I was driving across the GWB at that moment, and there were many near-accidents. Happy 2013.

  3. Great stuff as usual RW.

  4. Awesome stuff Rich.

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